Marketing as a Service

My passion is the Sustainable business – finding the balance between profit seeking and do-good attitude. Often smaller companies are not able to hire full time sustainability manager and that is when LongTree Ltd., my first business, steps in.

My dream was to start my own business and naturally I am not alone with this. However, these dreams are never easy to accomplish and after spending some time with business models and strategies I realized there is yet so much to learn. It is crucial to understand how in the digitalized world the learning never ends. Analytics and search engine optimization are essential but what about channeling the messages to diginatives. Have you managed to create leads through Snapchat? I didn’t think so.

Previously I have tried putting my thoughts on paper and maybe the thinking should be done out in public. Maybe I need more feedback and words from the outside to keep my darling ideas in order and prevent getting lost. Marketing is a service utilized to support the core business. We are there to promote and keep noise in the deep seas of competition.